Everyone has the right to an informed decision.

We go through life making many decisions every day.  These decisions often have a lifelong impact on both ourselves and those around us.  How important is it then to have accurate, up-to-date information when making those decisions?

People do many things throughout their lifetime–raise families, found companies, build charities.  Very often they volunteer their time and talent for groups and organizations that they support.  Sometimes the organizations are transparent; other times there can be a lot of confusing or contradictory information about what an organization stands for, what they believe in, and their history.

Here at the IFF, we believe people have a right to accurate and complete information about a group or organization before they join.  We feel we can best serve the public by publishing information online concerning controversial groups.

What is a controversial group?  Just as the name implies, a controversial group is a group or organization for which there is debate in the public sphere about.  We help inform that debate by providing accurate and honest information so that others can make informed decisions about their involvement.

If people are affected by a group, the IFF can help as well.  We have the power to issue grants for counseling, legal, or other services.

Have a group you want to learn more about?  Let us know.

Life is too short to make uninformed decisions.  Help others make better ones by supporting us today.